Word Play

Word Play • July 2020

Text by Diane Slocum W hether or not we can travel this month and set our feet on unfamiliar soil, we can always rely on books to take us on adventures to exotic locations. The catch...

Word Play, June 2020

Isolation from normal life and those we love occurs in different ways and times.

Word Play, May 2020

Text by Diane Slocum T his year marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, celebrated on April 22. The theme for this year was climate action. One way to get involved is to read about it. “The...

Word Play, April 2020

Spring can be a windy time of year, and this movement of air finds its way into many titles of books, from classics like “Gone with the Wind” to upcoming releases like John Grisham’s “Camino Winds.”

Word Play, February 2020

Why is this called a “leap” year? Wiktionary suggests that it is because any given date will skip a weekday after Feb. 29.
Disappearing Earth - Julia Phillips

Word Play, January 2020

January is a time for new beginnings. For authors, selling that first book can be a spectacular new beginning, especially if that novel is named one of the best books of the year.
The Joy of Missing Out - Word Play, December 2019

Word Play, December 2019

News on Writing, Books + the World of Publishing
Zigzagger by Manuel Munoz

Word Play, November 2019

News on writing, books, + the world of publishing

Word Play, October 2019

News on writing, books, + the world of publishing

Word Play, September 2019

For all those laborers who have a “week-end” (whether it falls on Saturday and Sunday or any other days of the week), the concept of having days off may seem a given, but it wasn’t always so.