Santa Barbara County wine cave

TRAVELERS TREK: On Safely Trekking Again…to California’s Santa Maria Valley

Although it’s never ideal to travel during a pandemic, the summer of COVID-19 has left us with cabin fever, desperate to get away from home. But where to go and how to get there...

Traveler’s Trek: Trekking Again…Close to Home

Photos and text by Cheryl Levitan More than four months have passed since our world dramatically shrank. Although the conse-quences of sheltering in place imposed different burdens on each of us, everyone’s life was upended....

Russia – Exceeding Expectations

I’m a frequent traveler, so my friends and family have grown used to my gallivanting to faraway lands, with some locations more questionable than others. But if I had a dime for every strange...

Nor Trekking…

I rarely look at the calendar these days. It really doesn’t matter what day it is when each morphs into the next without any events or appointments to plan around. I now avoid my once-indispensable planner. Doing so leaves me feeling “losstalgic” — longing for life “before” with a sense of loss for the places and community events now on pause. A glance today was a reminder that pre-coronavirus me should be wandering the sprawling hilltop palaces of Alhambra in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Granada, Spain

Buenos Aires: World Traveler Finds a New Favorite

After traveling to 23 countries and visiting a majority of our states, I have to say that I have found my new favorite city: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Alsace Region, A Real-Life Fairy Tale Destination

Nestled between Germany and Switzerland, the hilly Alsace region of eastern France lies in the Rhine River plain and foothills between the west bank of the Rhine and the Vosges Mountains. Renowned for its...
Sicily’s Taormina & Mount Etna: So Different Yet Equally Magnificent

Sicily’s Taormina & Mount Etna: So Different Yet Equally Magnificent

Sicily—an island just a few miles southeast of Italy’s boot-shaped “toe,” this autonomous region of Italy might as well have been kicked to the other side of the world. It wasn’t until a recent trip that we discovered what we had been missing.
Shake Off the Cold: Warm Weather Winter Destinations

Shake Off the Cold: Warm Weather Winter Destinations

Living in the Central Valley, we get off pretty easy when it comes to winter weather. You may feel the frost on the grass crunch under your feet in the morning, and if it’s been an extra cold night, there might even be some ice on your windshield just thick enough to require a scraper. But let’s face it, none of us are shoveling snow and dreading outdoor activities like the rest of the country with the misfortune of not calling California home.
A Fair Share of Fun in Dallas

A Fair Share of Fun in Dallas

Arts, culture, sightseeing, history, food, fun and adventure—whether you have a weekend or a week, you will find your fill in Dallas, Texas!
5,000 Miles and a New Perspective

5,000 Miles and A New Perspective

“So did you, you know, find yourself?” That seemed to be the burning question from my closest friends after I completed a three-week, 5,000-mile motorcycle trip through nine states by myself. I generally said...