Tech: Free Streaming Video Services Continue to Improve

Text by C. Scott Wyatt Free streaming video services are finally worth watching. Television and movie streaming services once offered content that nobody would pay to watch. Classic television series and films like the low-budget productions...


Text by C. Scott Wyatt H omeschooling families choose to educate their children outside public and private schools for deeply personal reasons. Families should not feel guilty for making the homeschool choice, even as we’re being...

Tech: Apple Chips • New Cores for Mac Computers

Within two years, new Mac computers sold by Apple will feature “Apple Silicon” inside in place of the ubiquitous Intel CPUs at the heart of most personal computers. Anticipated for several years, this transition...

Always Back up and Print Those Special Photos

Text by C. Scott Wyatt I ’ve lost all the photos of our little ones. What can I do?” Unfortunately, I get questions like this too often from panicked friends. Thankfully, most have been backing up their...

Learning New Skills at Home

Homemade baked goods. Knitted scarves and caps. Paintings and sculptures. Terrariums and fairy gardens. Sewn masks, sometimesby the dozen.
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For Digital Marketing, Seek Professional Help

DIY embodies a great philosophy when you want to learn a skill or save money. It isn’t the best approach when you want and need the absolute best result. I love do-it-yourself projects around the house....
The New Mac Pro: Comparing Apples to Apples

The New Mac Pro: Comparing Apples to Apples

Apple’s newest Mac Pro received a lot of derision on social media when it was released in December. The most expensive Mac Pro configuration tops out at $53,000.