Next Gen

Next Gen: Two Fathers’ Lessons to their Sons

Text by Cheryl Dieter | Photos by Aimee Sa   O ver the years, the father-son dynamic has been explored in some of Hollywood’s most memorable movies. From It’s a Wonderful Life to The Pursuit of Happyness,...

Next Gen: The Magic of a Mother-Daughter Duo

Text by Natalie Caudle  I   Photos by Aimee Sa   T others are the fiercest, yet gentlest, of creatures. She is her child’s first teacher, a natural healer and the essence of bravery. Her courage is countered...

Kelly Hansen Plants Seeds of Flavor, History and Growth

Text by Sue Burns and Photos by Taylor Johnson   T o say that Kelley Hansen is busier than your average lady would be an understatement. Her name will be familiar if you’ve ever purchased bakery-made apple...

Richard Torrez Jr. • Golden Boy, Platinum Heart

Tulare County is known worldwide for what it produces. Come 2021, it may be known for the production of another precious metal. The last two local prospectors produced the valuable metal over half a century...

Lindvall Ranch Pride of Place and Purpose

There is no shortage of beautiful sights in the Central Valley. Sprawling fields and orchards, almond and peach blossoms shading the landscape, lanky cornstalks waving gently in summer breezes, tractors rolling in the distance — all remind us of the constant cycle of the seasons and life. During these strange, contemplative days of the coronavirus, we look outward from our homes for reassurance that life will — gradually — return to normal.
A Healthy Harvest of Leadership – Ag Foundation Program Cultivates Catalysts for a Vibrant Agricultural Community

A Healthy Harvest of Leadership – Ag Foundation Program Cultivates Catalysts for a Vibrant...

There are leadership programs that teach the basics. Then there are leadership programs that go far beyond, coaching individuals to look deep inside themselves to gain a broader view of their community and how they can impact it.
Baking up ‘Hoppiness’ with Beer Bread

Baking up ‘Hoppiness’ with Beer Bread

Ales, lagers, dunkels and dubbels...pilsners, porters, stouts and IPAs...craft beers have been gaining traction by leaps and bounds in the U.S. for several years. And they’re not just for drinking. It’s common to use beer for cooking, too.
Rodeo Fashion Queen Places Her Brand

Rodeo Fashion Queen Places Her Brand

Rodeo fashion queen Quincy (Freeman) Eldridge sews together her western lifestyle, Spanish roots and love for the rodeo world to form her brand, Rodeo Quincy.