VEGGIE WHAAAT? Recipes by James Jessen, Bistro Di Buffalo  I  Photos by Taylor Johnson We know what you're thinking … a cheesesteak sandwich with no meat? Yes, and we're certain that you won't even miss it! This sandwich...

Epicure: Some Like It Hot

SOME LIKE IT HOT Recipes by Elaine Dakessian  I  Photos by Taylor Johnson Let’s spice up this summer weather a little more with some south of the border-inspired dishes, perfect for a summer fiesta! Make all...
berry bliss recipe

Blackberry Bliss

BLACKBERRY BLISS Recipes and Photos by Taylor Johnson S ummer's bounty has begun. For me, delicious vine-ripe blackberries are ready for picking right in my backyard. Blackberries, although delicious fresh, are also great for cooking. Epicure this month features...
Wine, white and red, July 2020

Sipping Your Way Through Shelter-In-Place

Text by Robert Whitely I If you have shelter-in-place restrictions in your state, you are stuck at home and no doubt bored silly. But if you enjoy wine. You're in luck. You have many options for...

Sizzling Summer Barbecue

Do you notice that everything tastes better when it’s grilled outside? Maybe it’s because you don’t have to be concerned with the smoke and hot kitchen. For me, it’s an escape to the out of doors, birds chirping, and a nice breeze in the air; that’s the California life. California grilling utilizes many different methods — low and slow for ribs and rotisserie items to a blazing fire to char steaks, chops, burgers and vegetables. This month, both methods are used. Our outdoor kitchen at the club makes cooking outside a breeze and available all summer and fall, offering a variety of burgers, street corn and barbecue. I hope this selection of favorites of mine will spark your interest in cooking outdoors. Many of the flavors and techniques that I have adopted over the years I am now sharing with the club membership. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Mother’s Day Brunch

Want to give Mom a break? We can't think of a better time to keep her out of the kitchen and treat her to a rustic, comfort food brunch — a perfect meal for Mother's Day in the comfort of your own home. Check out these simple, rustic recipes that will leave Mom feeling relaxed and appreciated.

Chef’s Choice – Mexican-Inspired Comfort Food

Spring is a time of unpredictable weather. Whether you welcome warmer days or hang on to the last of cool and crisp, this month’s menu is sure to give you warm, fuzzy feelings. Ol’...
Citrus, Sweet & Savory

Citrus, Sweet & Savory

If you once thought that oranges were only for juicing, think again. This month, Bistro di Bufala's owner and head chef, James Jessen, and his crew are sure to knock your citrus season socks off. Dinner invitation, anyone? We'll be right over.
Light-Bodied Lagers

Light-Bodied Lagers

Everyone has heard of lager, but many might not know what makes it a lager, or why domestic and foreign versions (as they are commonly categorized) are so different from most of today’s craft beers.
Whitney’s Wild Oak Ranch: Country Elegance with Homespun Flair

Visalia Country Club’s Fresh New Take on Weddings

Lifestyle is excited to welcome Karl Merten (former Café 225 owner) back to the community's culinary scene. Now head chef at the Visalia Country Club, he shares his craft with us this month, sous-vide style.