Text by Justin Levine

Amy Shuklian is moving through the third month of her fitness lifestyle. She has been consistent; her fitness level has improved, and she is committed to a healthier lifestyle.

I had a conversation with Amy about patience and accepting the long road.

“All high-performing athletes want a result. But even for them, it will not be an overnight process.” I told her.

Patience is the name of the game. Embarking on any goal, whether it be fitness, financial, business or professional, being patient with the process is key to success.

Many people lose patience through the process of going after their goals because they think that they should be at a certain point at a certain time. I encourage you – if you are aspiring for

a fitness goal, be patient with yourself. Stay focused on the process. And stay persistent. Results take time.

I am impressed with the amount of optimism that Amy exudes. Her spunky personality is contagious, and I am inspired by her journey so far.

Keep it up, Amy!