Every year the wedding industry is greeted with a new Pantone Color of the Year, which, when selected, can either leave us eager to incorporate it or completely stumped on why it was even chosen. Lucky for you, this year’s color, Greenery, is a total winner. Here are four different ways to use this color for your upcoming wedding.

Bridal Party Wardrobe

Typically, most wedding tips focus on the bridesmaids, but we’re going to take a moment to focus on the men’s attire. A great way to incorporate this color is in the men’s accessories, which can include bowties, traditional solid ties, matching patterned socks, or simply embellishing the suits with a pop of solid greenery for the men’s boutonnieres. A few companies I would recommend looking at are The Black Tux and The Grunion Run, which also offer custom monogramming, doubling as a day-of wedding gift.

Now I am sure you’re wondering  about the bridesmaids. Other than the obvious choice of using the Pantone color in the bridesmaid dresses, we can continue the accessories theme with one added twist! While most weddings tend to stick with traditional dresses for the ladies, a more recent trend is to have your bridesmaids wear a skirt versus a dress. Or perhaps you can select a neutral tone dress and incorporate the Pantone color in your bridesmaid’s shoe selection or jewelry.

Tabletop Design

There are many elements involved in successfully pulling together a table setting, which includes linen selection for tables and napkins, runners, menus, place cards, glassware, table numbers, and candles, just to name a few. When it comes to your table, there are subtle ways you can incorporate the Pantone color without your wedding looking too bohemian or tropical. For example, you can place a greenery sprig on top of your napkin at each place setting, or perhaps use a colored green glass at the bridal party table for an extra pop of color. If you’re feeling really risky, incorporate a green printed runner on the tables; the possibilities are endless.


The great thing about this year’s Pantone color selection is that it’s already used in floral design. However, instead of including greenery as just a filler in the floral arrangements, consider making the bridesmaid’s bouquets entirely from greenery. If that’s too much green for you, a more subtle option is to wrap green velvet ribbon around a floral bouquet for a pop of color. Another idea is to use large greenery leaves and create a backdrop for your ceremony area.

Paper Goods

We all love quality paper goods, and even though they might get tossed at the end of the evening, ensuring your wedding invitations, menus, and signage all have a cohesive theme can be important to the overall look of your wedding. Incorporating the Pantone color into the tabletop menu and ceremony program design is a creative way to tie together the theme of your wedding. You can even include the same design for signage around the ceremony and reception site, including the seating charts, the ceremony entrance, the guestbook, and the table numbers.