When you think “farm fresh,” a low-lit, underground speakeasy isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, and rightfully so. But if you head downstairs at the PhD in Visalia, it’s likely you’ll find a few “Garden to Glass” cocktails made with fresh, local ingredients. From refreshing muddled fruit cocktails to classic libations prepared with egg whites and mint, there’s a little something from every corner of the garden.

Watermelon Punch

A refreshing, classic punch style cocktail.

Titos vodka, watermelon Schnapps, lemon, simple syrup, fresh watermelon juice, and water.

Tasting notes: Tart, sweet, and citrus

Watermelon Punch, Garden to Glass | Sip | Lifestyle Magazine

The Breuckelen Appetite

A fresh take on an old fashioned.

77 Wheat Whiskey, Aperol liqueur, Tuaca liqueur, and orange bitters.

Tasting notes: bold, vanilla, citrus, and bitter

The Breuckelen Appetite, Garden to Glass | Sip | Lifestyle Magazine

The Established Inn Keeper

A gin fizz meets a whiskey smash.

Bainbridge barrel aged gin, egg white, cream, mint, lemon juice, powdered sugar, and club soda. Shaken and served with no ice.

Tasting notes: Light, fresh, creamy, and minty

The Established Inn Keeper, Garden to Glass | Sip | Lifestyle Magazine

Sage & the Giant Peach

A martini cocktail meets a margarita on the rocks.

Cimarrón tequila, Carpano dry vermouth, lemon juice, powdered sugar, fresh muddled peaches, and fresh sage.

Tasting notes: Dry, sweet, herbal, and creamy

Sage & The Giant Peach, Garden to Glass | Sip | Lifestyle Magazine

The Engineer

A cross between a whiskey sour and a rusty nail.

John Barr scotch, Drambuie liqueur, egg white, and our PhD house sour. Garnish with a fresh orange peel from the farmers market.

Tasting notes: Smokey, honey, and sour

The Engineer, Garden to Glass | Sip | Lifestyle Magazine