Text by Justin Levine

California Fitness Academy and Lifestyle Magazine begin a fitness journey with a great human being, Amy Shuklian. I am sure that you know her. Former mayor and now a Tulare County supervisor, you can see Amy at many local events supporting our community. You do not find a more genuine and happy-go-lucky person. 

I’m Justin Levine, and I have owned and operated California Fitness Academy for more than 12 years. Fitness is my passion, and my life is centered on guiding others to living a healthy lifestyle. We train everyone from people looking to shed weight, athletes aspiring to compete at the next level, and individuals who want to improve upon their overall healthy lifestyle.

California Fitness Academy and Lifestyle have come together to highlight Amy and her fitness journey over the next four months. 

“This is not a straight line toward your goals,” I said to Amy during our first meeting. “This will be a journey full of ups and downs, and if you see it with a long-term mind-set and persevere,      you can gain tremendous results.”

“Sometimes I want results overnight,” Amy said with a chuckle.

“Yes, I know,” I said. “We all do. But getting long-term fitness results and building a sustainable healthy lifestyle take time.” 

These will be our main focal points with Amy:

  • Focus on the process, getting to the gym and being active. Our goal is to complete 60 workout routines between now and the end of the year. That’s an average of 3.3 workouts per week. 
  • Nutritionally, the first step is to take in less calories. This is key when the main goal is weight loss. As she will be adding in workouts and more activity, by simply taking in fewer calories, we should be able to see a weight loss over the next few weeks. 
  • Nothing beats consistency. So I  want Amy to focus on staying consistent throughout the program. 

We will update you with Amy’s progress each month in Lifestyle. If you see Amy around town, offer her encouragement and positive thoughts.

We begin this journey with hope, optimism and aspiration.

We’ll talk to you next time!

– Justin Levine